We are hasgoodui.design

Main website of the hasgoodui.design Organisation.

We are hasgoodui.design

hasgoodui.design is a Domain used for pages listing questionable, stupid or even harmful Designs made by companies, services and alike.

Our main goal is not to attack those individuals, but to poke fun at their mistakes.
We also have a page called actually.hasgoodui.design where we list sites, services, etc. that have unironically good designs used.

Our Websites

A list of our current websites found under the hasgoodui.design domain can be found on our GitHub Organisation: https://github.com/hasgoodui-design

Submit entries

We are always welcome for your input regarding new entries for existing sites, or even new sites that should be added.

To suggest a new entry can you do one of the following things.

Submit on GitHub

Each website has a “Submit new Entry” button at the top and a link in the footer.
Both link to a GitHub Repository hosting the page’s content where you can submit a new issue using the provided issue form.

This setup (unfortunately) requires a GitHub Account.

Discord and/or Revolt Server

We have a Discord and a Revolt Server where you can submit your entries for the website in question.

Click the images below to get redirected to the respective server (Note that they are bridged together).

discord revolt